About Us

About Us

Scott and Kristen (Anselmo) Hertzog have been enjoying the company of guests from around the world who have visited Hertzog Homestead Bed & Breakfast since 2003. Scott’s heritage on this farm dates back to when the first Mennonites settled in the area in the mid-1700’s. Scott’s talents include genealogical research on the people and the history of the Hertzog Homestead. Many of the antiques that decorate the bed and breakfast have come through generations of Scott’s family. 

His book, My First 250 Years: The Story of the Hertzog Homestead chronicles, Scott’s unique family history through stories, humor, and historical research. Scott relives the ways of years gone by and considers the family’s future legacy. Scott is the 8th generation descendant of an unbroken family bloodline to live on the Hertzog Homestead. Metzler Mennonite Church, the one room Amish school house, and the road on the homestead also bear the name of his original ancestor, Jacob N. Metzler.

Kristen is a second-generation Italian-American, born and raised just outside New York City in Edison, New Jersey, and brings a unique and fresh perspective from marrying into the Mennonite culture, which is quite uncommon. Kristen has also had an exciting and varied career including: an Actor and Producing Group member at Sight & Sound Theatres, helping to write productions including: The Miracle of Christmas. She has also been a jewelry Fashion Model in Milan, Italy, a Non-Profit Director in Haiti, an Amish Tour Guide in Intercourse, PA, and currently a Harvard Certified Business Coach, helping international business leaders get more out of life and business. She was nominated for the Forbes Small Giants Award, awarded the Women of Influence 2017 by the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal for her leadership and innovation at Hertzog Homestead, and the 2018 NBC 8 Who Care Award for extraordinary public service.

Rounding out the Hertzog family living on property is, Kiefer, who is always happy to point out his favorite chickens at the Hen Hotel at Hertzog Homestead. Scott, Kristen, and the entire Hertzog Homestead Team welcome you to their home and look forward to meeting new friends and extending their hospitality!

Fun Fact: Scott is the 20th-great-grandson to Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation who famously nailed the Ninety-Five Theses to the door of All Saint’s Church in Wittenberg, Germany, inciting the beginnings of Protestant Reformation, and was violently persecuted by the Catholic Church in the 1500’s. Because of a new form of communication, the Guttenberg Printing Press, copies of Luther’s Thesis and ideas spread rapidly throughout Europe.

Ironically, Kristen is 3rd cousins to Pope Pius the XI, head of the Roman Catholic Church from 1922-1939. He was fascinated by the new, modern technology of radio and its power to reach to the world. In February, 1931, he was the first Pope to use radio to evangelize Christianity, which continues to this day as Vatican Radio, now in over 61 countries and in 47 languages on short wave, medium wave, FM, satellite and of course, the Internet.

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