Farm to Table at Hertzog Homestead

Here at Hertzog Homestead, we highly value the quality of your experience while you stay with us. We understand that food is one of the key parts of any trip, which is why we do our very best to use fresh, locally sourced products in all of our recipes – directly from the farm to your table. No middle man! 

One of the ways we implement this value is our “Hen Hotel.” The “Hen Hotel” is home to over 30 free range chickens who reside here at Hertzog Homestead. Their home is a renovated rolling machine shed, built in the 1940’s with a large grassy enclosure for optimal comfort. We know that happy chickens give the best eggs! Every day we collect the eggs, which go right into Elva‘s delicious quiches and baked goods! It is Farm to Table at its finest! 

There are peaceful sitting areas surrounding the Hen Hotel where our guests can enjoy our chickens antics or watch them as they cluck peacefully.

Should our guest request it ahead of time, and based upon innkeeper availability, you and your family can gather eggs with us! Generally, at 6 p.m. we gather eggs and our son, Kiefer would be happy to point out his favorite chickens.

In addition to our Hen Hotel, we also source all meat from a local Mennonite butcher, yogurt from a local dairy, and (when possible), seasonal fruit from an Amish roadside stand! We do all of this in an effort to ensure that our guests are consuming only the freshest foods and are able to truly experience the Farm to Table initiative, while also supporting small businesses in the area.

It is one of our greatest priorities to ensure that your stay at Hertzog Homestead is of the highest quality in every way!

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