Hertzog Homestead Weekend Wedding Experiences

Starting at $6,500 (3 Days, 2 Nights)

Wedding Weekend Experience at Hertzog Homestead Event Venue and Bed & Breakfast!

Hertzog Homestead has been hosting weddings for over a decade and we have learned that the best way to fully soak in your wedding experience is to make a weekend of it!

All too often, weddings are squeezed into a tight schedule, couples rushing from one location to the next, frantically trying to fit everything into a few short hours, all while trying to be present for their once-in-a-lifetime day.

Hertzog Homestead is changing that.

We are combining our Rustic Barn Venue  and modern Bed & Breakfast to bring you…. The Wedding Weekend Experience at Hertzog Homestead Event Venue AND Bed & Breakfast, starting at $6,500 for three days and two nights (taxes included)!

When you book with us, you are renting our entire Barn Venue AND Bed & Breakfast for your wedding weekend! But more importantly, you are sharing a memorable, extended wedding experience with your close friends and family. This sets couples up for success and peace of mind when the special day rolls around!

Don’t rush your day.

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