The Top 6 Tips for Finding the Right Wedding Venue

He put a ring on it! Now what? How to navigate the wild world of finding YOUR unique venue.

As an Event Venue Owner, I see a lot of bride’s waste time and energy not prioritizing what’s important when looking for a venue. The venue is the single most critical piece of the wedding planning process, as it is the foundation of so many future decisions. Here are my top six tips to help you navigate and prioritize your time:

  1. GIVE VENUES ENOUGH INFORMATION. Not all venues are not created equally. This not only is related to amenities or location but more importantly price and inclusions. Many wedding venues offer multiple options, based upon preference and budget. Don’t be afraid to share what you are looking for, your spending plan and vision for the day. I prefer to do this in person, sitting down with the bride, groom, and family and getting to know what’s most important
  2. PRIORITIZE YOUR DESIRES. No event venue is going to have absolutely everything you’re looking for. Much like finding your fiancé, there are certain expectations you just must let go. ???? As the owner of a rustic barn venue, our 1740’s barn boasts much character and history. It also means the floorboards are not 100% perfect. If you want a rustic barn wedding, the wooden floorboards are part of the charm! Determining what is most important to you will help you determine the type of venue is best for you.

  3. DONT BE A “NO SHOW” FOR A WEDDING TOUR. Just like a doctor’s appointment, you should never not show up for a wedding venue tour that you scheduled. Not only is this incredibly rude, but many wedding venues invest time and preparation prior and during your tour to maximize your experience at the venue. At my venue, it takes my investment of time, from scheduling, cleaning, and blocking out a reasonable time to dedicate my full attention on the tour and listening to the preferences of the bride. Have the courtesy to give reasonable notice and reschedule your wedding tour, if needed
  4. CONSIDER CATERING OPTIONS: Some brides conclude that venues that use exclusive caterers mean it will be more expensive. This is not necessarily the case. Catering companies know that brides are coming with different menu preferences, styles, and spending plans. Exclusive caterers know their exclusive venue inside and out. They know the management or owners and all the behind-the-scenes location information to help make your wedding dream a reality.
  5. UNDERSTAND TOTAL COSTS: According to the Knot, venue and catering make up about 50% of the total cost of the average wedding. Recently, The Knot reported the average wedding cost $32,213. Here at Hertzog Homestead, the average costs combining custom catering and venue inclusion costs between $110-$125 per guest, based upon 100 guests, making us significantly lower than the average.
  6. YOU SHOULD REALLY LIKE YOUR VENUE OR WEDDING COORINATOR.  It’s not enough for the venue to be beautiful. You will be in contact with these people for many months. It is important to be able to communicate freely and effectively with them. For example, if you prefer texting, is the owner or coordinator willing and able to text you even if is not during a 9-to-5 weekday? How important is their dedication to their work and giving you the best possible experience from planning through to wedding day?

To sum it all up, it’s important not to go into the wedding planning process completely overwhelmed or worse yet, blindly. Do your research and give your venue as much information as possible so they can customize the wedding of your dreams. I am available by text to answer any of your wedding questions or concerns at: 717-201-4893.

Kristen Hertzog is the owner of the award-winning Hertzog Homestead Bed & Breakfast which includes the rustic barn event venue and spa cottage. Hertzog Homestead holds the 2017 Certificate of Excellence on Trip Advisor and is a Bicentennial Farm and Home Award Winner.


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