The Hertzog Homestead Bed And Breakfast Takes A Big Step In Becoming More Green

Yesterday, the Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast took another step in taking care of the world we have been given. In the past we have done this through converting to LED lights, making sure lights are off, buying locally, and conserving water. This year we are moving our electricity to 100 percent solar.

While we obviously enjoy the economic impact this will have for us, we like the idea of solar power because it is a renewable resource and we won’t contribute to resource scarcity for future generations. We also like that solar electricity is clean and non-polluting, producing no greenhouse gas emissions, and thus helps combat global warming. Last, we like the idea that our electric will be produced locally as much of our produce and baked goods are.

Agreements have been signed. The money has been paid. Be looking for solar panels to appear on our farm near the end of July. We are using Sun Lion Energy Systems to install our solar. To find out more about them you can visit here. A picture of what our solar array will look like is below. Ours will be slightly larger, being a 20 kw system.

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