Plain and Fancy Farms: The Smokehouse, The Magic Lantern Show, The Amish Experience and More.

So the other day I was my daughter’s “Gotcha” day. In an adoption, this is a day where we celebrate a person becoming a part of the family, in this case my daughter. Often we go out to a restaurant of her choice to celebrate and give gifts.  Last night we went to Plain and Fancy Farms, in particular the Smokehouse BBQ & Brews.

Plain and Fancy Farms is a complex that is comprised of Smokehouse BBQ & Brews, a store, a hotel, an Amish house, a garden, a petting zoo, Aaron and Jessica’s buggy rides, tours of Amish farms, and Amish Experience Theater, complete with the Magic lantern show.

This was was my second time at the Smokehouse BBQ & Brews at Plain & Fancy Farms. One of the things I liked about the Smokehouse is that they allowed call ahead seating. While I would rather make a reservation, it’s the next best thing. While we would not of had to do call ahead seating, on a Friday or Saturday night this is a must. The decor of the Smokehouse is simple and not overly busy. It fits the atmosphere of a place that serves pulled pork and signature dished of the Amish country. They have on tap locally made, handcrafted beers. One of the things I love about the atmosphere was that while there was music playing in the background, it didn’t impede on any conversations I was having with my family.

The food was delicious. I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with fries and a Diet soda so I actually didn’t try any of the handcrafted beers. I was driving. They offered six different sauces one could use on the pulled pork sandwich which for me makes a pulled pork sandwich good.  My wife ordered the fried chicken and my son ordered the Smokehouse burger, which was a bit more well-done than I typically eat my burgers; however, he enjoyed it, which was the important thing, and it was tasty. My daughter got the two meat special. We all seemed to enjoy our food. My daughter especially enjoyed the coleslaw.

The other thing that I’ve done at the Amish Experience at Plain and Fancy Farms was to visit the Magic Lantern Show. This is basically the equivalent of a movie theater in the late 1800s. It is a show where painted glass slides are inserted to tell a story. The slide projector operator themselves acted as a showman telling the story. What is neat for me as a person who loves heritage is it this is preserving an old tradition. NPR lists it as national living treasure. And indeed I believe it is. It is the only one of its kind left in America and it operates out of Plain and Fancy Farms. Their Magic Lantern Shows offer a Christmas show and a patriotic show.

Plain and Fancy Farms also has a hotel. I mention it only because if you stay there it’s convenient; the premises offers their restaurant, their Amish Experience theater, Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy rides, and is five minutes from Intercourse and five minutes from Bird In Hand. They definitely have location.

The Amish Experience Theater is a theatrical experience that explains the Amish in an engaging way. The Experience also offers tours of Amish farms and offers buggy rides to complete the authentic experience.


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