Magic and Wonder: Dream at the Bird-in-Hand Stage

Nestled in the heart of Amish Country on the Bird in Hand Stage, visitors can go and experience the Magic and Wonder Show: Dream.

When one thinks of Lancaster County Pennsylvania, they think of getting away to experience another world, one that in some ways seems magical to us. Most of us live in the confines and throes of technology. There’s a chance that you’re reading this post or listening to this podcast on your smart device. And while that is awesome and beautiful, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. And so when we come to Lancaster County, we come in a sense to get away from it all. To experience another culture, another way of life. To see how people live before all this technology inundated us. To experience its magic.

In a lot of ways, the show Brett and Labrina Myers put on extends this experience into the world of illusion.  Magic and Wonder: Dream asks us to consider past dreams, current dreams, dreams of other cultures, and future dreams, all through the act of magic and illusion. I think Brett would call himself an illusionist rather than a magician. And it is aptly put.

When I went to the show the other night with my family, I was blown away by the illusions I saw and the way he convinced me to believe those allusions. For example, I saw what appeared to be people getting their heads twisted in a 360° circle, people that looked like they’re getting spikes shoved through them (they weren’t, but it looked that way), I what appeared to be the magician in one location and suddenly he was appearing in entirely other location, and people appear to be sawn in half. This is the type of illusions one might expect in Vegas, but they are here in the heart of Lancaster County.

In this podcast, I had the chance to sit down and talk with Brett and Labrina about the current show and what one can experience when attending the show and in what he hopes visitors experience when attending the show.

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