Fill Me Up…

A small up date.  The excavators have added more fill to raise the floor the Bed and Breakfast above the flood plain.  During heavier storms, which some of you have experienced, the waters rush down through our yard at a furious pace and can sometimes rise to the bottom of the bridge.  The original structure […]

The Digging Begins…

The digging has started. So yesterday I came home and was met with the sight in the picture below. The foundation of the old building has been removed or at least moved from the original sight to be covered later by dirt and fill that they will bring in. The project has officially started. Its […]

Wired For You…

Ever since we've lived at Hertzog Homestead Bed-and-Breakfast, our Internet has never been fast.  As society has became more abundant with Internet technology (TVs that streaming Internet, cell phones, and other Wi-Fi devices like iPads and laptops), we began to bog down our network. Using our old provider, we were only ever able to get an […]

And then it was gone….

It is not hard to imagine the countless hours, days, and weeks it took to build the pole shed that stood on the property between our barn and our house. Jacob Metzer the second, my ancestor who probably built this building, used this shed as a machine shed, a place to store his ever expanding […]

A New Era for the Hertzog Homestead

A new era for the Hertzog Homestead Bed-and-Breakfast will be arriving in the upcoming weeks. In 2009, we originally had a dream to convert our beautiful 18th-century barn into an extension of the bed-and-breakfast we operated on our property. When the stock market crashed later that year, we put those dreams on hold, unwilling to […]

Our Solar Project Has Broken Ground

It seems like ages ago since I first chatted about us moving a bulk of our energy use to Solar.  Well, after months dealing with building and zoning permits (which I thankfully had little to do with), we have finally broken ground.  The poles to support the panels have been erected and the panels should […]

Strawberry Hill Restaurant, The Prince Street Cafe, and The Fulton Theatre

Tonight, Kristen and I had a chance to visit a restaurant that has to be one of our all time favorites in Lancaster County: Strawberry Hill.  And though we are in the midst of strawberry season here, this restaurant and our decision to go here has nothing to do with that.  Known for having the […]

The Roses are a Bloom

It took a while for Spring to arrive, but now, just as we encroach on Summer, Spring is hear in full force.  And the roses are now in full bloom.  I thought I would just share thus picture of our arbor covered with a heritage rose.  The rose was originally planted close to 1oo years […]

Our Adventure at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

We, here at the Hertzog Homestead and Breakfast, went on an adventure last week when we visited the rolling hills and vibrant farmland of Cherry Crest Farms.  It was an absolute blast for the whole family.  Our children, Kiefer and Taicha, absolutely loved the farm animals and huge slides.  Kiefer was especially fond of the […]

Beauty Over The Homestead….

This past weekend we had storms roll through Lancaster County, and with it, as has been usual this Spring, more rain.  It goes without saying I guess that we would love to have it more dry than it has been.  The Amish and Mennonite farmers around us are struggling to get crops in because the […]

Inn Focus by Kristen Hertzog

  Inn Focus by Kristen Hertzog — Owner of Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast I own a Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster County, and I have to admit it’s a little cliché. The 200-year-old farmhouse, the farm-fresh breakfast, the buggies that go clip clop, and I’ve got friends (forty of them!) who all own Bed […]

The Hertzog Homestead Bed And Breakfast Takes A Big Step In Becoming More Green

Yesterday, the Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast took another step in taking care of the world we have been given. In the past we have done this through converting to LED lights, making sure lights are off, buying locally, and conserving water. This year we are moving our electricity to 100 percent solar. While we […]